Terms & Conditions

Dear 2GO Booklet holder:

We are keen to have fun and enjoy our merchant’snetwork couponsas easy and simple as it could be, so kindly read carefully coupons general terms of use below:

  1. Coupon to be used only at merchants’agreed branches, which is subject to sudden increase or decrease during the year according to the merchant plan in opening or closing of current branches.
  2. Make sure to present your coupon before ordering or reserving in the deal place.
  3. In coupon redemption; the merchant is the only one who is responsible for services’ and products’ quality, and 2GO has the right to cancel any merchant’s coupons during the year in case of receiving a quality complaint from customers.
  4. Coupons are valid all year long including public holidays and with no conflict with the brand operational rules in Ramadan.)Please check the terms and condition on every coupon’s back).
  5. Coupon is valid for the package/items mentioned only, and cannot be changed or replaced.
  6. Coupon includes tax & services of the free items with places working with this policy.
  7. Coupon offers you the less price item/product for free & to pay the higher price in cash in case of the 2 items/Products are not the same.
  8. Coupon is not applicable on discounted products/items or with other promotions, discounts.
  9. Coupons are not for sale and cannot be bartered, otherwise coupon will be invalid for use.
  10. If a merchant refuses to honor any coupon please contact our customer service immediately.
  11. You can activate your free App account to view all offers.
  12. 2GO booklet volume 2,2 is valid till Dec 31st, 2019.
2GO Team

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